The Rebelles

From the Ronettes to the Ramones, The Rebelles’ swinging wall of passion is delivered with punk energy, harmonic panache and a come-on glint. Backed by their very own rockin’ 4-piece band, they’ve regularly shared the stage with musical royalty, from Big Jay McNulty to You Am I, Dan Sultan to The Blackeyed Susans, Ikotchi to Ron S. Peno, it’s an eclectic list with too many to mention.

Always swinging, usually fast and definitely loud, The Rebelles have developed a formidable reputation in Melbourne as one of the band’s you HAVE to see, knowing whatever your mood, you’re always gonna wanna dance with The Rebelles.

The Rebelles were found shackled together in the basement of an evil St Kilda orphanage. Upon hearing Be My Baby rising up from below the steel capped boots of the Nun’s of The Bastard Heart Orphanage, the monophonic masterminds Rhonda and Bobb B Rebelle liberated the entire group to the safety of their Footscray laboratory, setting their voices free. Falling under the hypnotic spell of Doo-lang harmonies, 2-finger riffs and exuding a swagger not seen since Ann-Magret, The Rebelles’ DNA was isolated to produce the all-singin’, all-swingin’ brood of harmonisin’ misfits and miscreants that has been hitting Melbourne where it hurts the best – right between the heart and the hips.

The Rebelles performed at the 2015 PAVE Festival:

Saturday 18th of April 2015 – 6 til 9pm

Venue: Emerald Performing Arts Centre
Address: Emerald Gembrook Road Emerald VIC 3782

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