Ricardo Estate

‘This dusty road beneath my feet, Oh, the sun and it’s pounding heat, Dragging my feet along the way, Nowhere to go, what can I say?”

Riccardo Estate is a storyteller, vocalist, guitarist and keytarist; a modern day minstrel striving to bring fantasy and adventure back to music. Weaving reality and past experience into the lofty, high-concept stories he creates; Riccardo has pulled audiences into his world through his two independent albums, Guns, Dust and Loneliness and the upcoming Badlands.

Both albums available at: http://riccardoestate.com/music Beginning with saxophone at the age of nine, Riccardo quickly became a proficient improviser and soloist. He performed with multiple award-winning bands of genres ranging from big band to blues and even had the privilege to play alongside jazz great James

Coming from a musical family, Riccardo has spending most of his life with an instrument in his hand and a song in his heart. He has spent years developing and refining the sound that is uniquely his. Catchy melodies with a rawness and honesty that is infectious. Having dedicated himself to being a truly independent musician, Riccardo has personally written, recorded and produced all the material on his albums in his private studio in Melbourne. Applying his deep knowledge of music (both academic and through years of
experience) he strives for a new sound, unconcerned with rigid convention, only with producing a rich and compelling journey for the listener.

Blues, western, rock, disco, electronica; nothing is off limits. In 2014 Riccardo formed the funk-disco band Papa Caine & the Funk MD (as Papa Caine) with his long-time friend and colleague, Chris Burke. Naturally melding acoustic and electronic dance traditions, Papa Caine & the Funk MD (Papa Funk for short) continues Riccardo’s theme of producing uniquely familiar and passionate music; a quality that Riccardo brings to all of his projects.

Papa Caine & the Funk MD website: http://papafunk.bandcamp.com Whether it’s trekking through the badlands or dancing the night away with one of his many side projects, Riccardo Estate brings deep, thought provoking lyrics, soulful instrumentation and enthusiastic passion to all of his music.

Riccardo Estate is currently working on his latest album, Badlands; an episodic journey through a harsh future. Check back at http://riccardoestate.com/album/badlands each month for a new track and the next chapter of the story.

Riccardo Estate performed at the 2015 PAVE Festival:

Saturday 18th of April 2015: 1:50pm – 2:20pm
Event: Music in the Cave
Venue: U3A Mens Shed
Address: 402 Belgrave – Gembrook Road, Emerald
Cost: Free!

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