Pans of Fire

‘Pans on Fire’ was started in November 2009 as a Black Saturday bushfire recovery project in Marysville and Triangle district. The 20 person steelband has grown into a vital community asset that crosses cultural territories as widely different as Trinidad, Africa, Europe and of course Marysville and the Triangle district.

‘Pans on Fire’ love to surprise their audiences with a variety of music styles, ranging from Calypso, Latin and Samba over Jazz to world music and classical.

Playing at many music festivals in Melbourne and regional Victoria the steelband has released its first CD entitled “Recovery” in 2011. Back from their 2014 concert tour in Southern France, ‘Pans on Fire’ has continued to play at music festivals in regional areas and Melbourne, toured to Queensland to participate in the second national Steelband Festival, PANZfest held in Brisbane in September 2015, to Cairns for the third national Steelband Festival in 2017 and to Auckland to participate in the 2018 NZ Steelband Festival.

During 2016, ‘Pans on Fire’ has gone back in the studio to work on their second album “Stand By Me” to showcase the process of their recovery – this album also includes songs involving local Celtic musicians combining the Caribbean steelpan with harp and violin. It ends with a contribution of the youngest steelpan players – the steelpan kids from a local primary school.

The year 2019 will be an important milestone as it is the tenth anniversary of the Black Saturday Bushfires. It is also the year for ‘Pans on Fire’ to go on tour to regional towns in Victoria again, some of which have also been affected by bushfires.