Oh Suzannah!

Suzanne Diprose & Oh Suzannah! bring old-time and traditional country style ballads, taken from ancient lineage and perform them in a genuine style that takes the audience back to the front porches of old mountain homes. It rustic, it’s organic with no pretence. Audiences are entertained with old-time sweet three-part harmonies, traditional frailing banjo, superb flatpicking guitar, pretty mandolin and lilting flute solos. Based in Melbourne, Suzanne Diprose and members of Oh Suzannah have played in many festivals and events across Victoria, focussing on sweet harmonies and old-time sounds.

Suzanne Diprose and the Oh Suzannah band features: Suzanne on vocals and guitar; Heidi Clarke on harmonies, flute and bass guitar; Dave Diprose on mandolin, guitar and harmonies; John Boothroyd on banjo and guitar; and Tim Hackett on bass guitar and dobro.