Nathan Varga

If you take one-step back and truly embrace the music, Nathan Varga, a solo instrumental acoustic guitarist from Melbourne, Australia will adorn his craft and truly impart his wisdom gained through the musical genius he holds. Nathan has developed a unique style that incorporates integrated sounds with expressive melodies, percussive rhythms, and harmonic progressions.

Music has been something that has developed myself internally. It reconnects me to my values, and recharges me to maintain focus. It inspires me to get my best work done, and provides me with a feeling like no other. A feeling that is euphoric, one that is golden. An immense and electrifying reaction that soothes my entire body, and the chatter in my mind. A feeling that can be so gratefully passed on to another person, and eventually reach out to millions.
– Nathan Varga

Having a lot of dedication and drive to excel in music, he plays with conviction and projects a rich, serene elegance and beauty to the flowing sounds of his songs. His ability in music did not come in an instant. Nathan believes firmly in consistency fueled with passion and a never-ending desire to be better.

Practicing excites development, development increases your ability, and enhancing your ability will help you achieve.
– Nathan Varga

By the age of 15 Nathan has been working on his craft, and through his own learning it has enabled him to really embody the music. Today he is using his talent and intuitive ability to connect with people on a different level. As Nathan always says, “Music is as much as being visual, as it is being listenable”. He finds it difficult to explain his music style concisely, but hearing him play live really gives you your own compelling meaning of what his music is.

Music has always had a significant effect on Nathan. He always strives to add that significance to another person’s life through the art of his music. Nathan has always been uplifted by hearing music and through his own journey he has taught himself to play, and has found it has been relaxing for the soul.

I pretty much take my guitar everywhere with me. So many things inspire me, and I don’t just like to sit in my room all day writing a song. I like to explore and be inspired by what comes into my sight and what I hear. Music for me is a very expressive and visual thing, I have always found that capturing my thoughts and experience serve me well. I let my creativity flow, and I do not follow some kind of order of how it should be done. One thing I most certainly do though; is always visualise how I want myself and others to feel when I write.
– Nathan Varga

Nathan is leading himself for a bright future, and he plans to reach out to millions of people with his music sending his message forward. He is now enjoying the journey and in the process of many songs for the upcoming works of his album. The future holds more acts of brilliance and a great deal of striking moments.

Nathan Varga performed at the 2015 PAVE Festival:

Sunday 19th of April 2015 – 10:30am
Venue: PAVE Emerald Monthly Market Hive Stage
Address: Rear Commonwealth Bank- Kilvington Drive, Emerald

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