The Jungle Crooks

Long ago, amidst vast oceans, renowned explorer Captain Charles Von Crook was sailing the high seas in search of a mysterious, unknown land. One dark and stormy night, their ship the ‘H.M.S Barracuda’ fell victim to a tumultuous tempest.

All but one was lost to Davey Jones’ Locker; The captains newborn daughter, was found washed ashore in a large saucepan-raft, on a nearby, seemingly deserted island. Fortune had smiled upon the child. It was here her melodious cries were discovered by the native people of the island and ferocious rhythm section – The Jungle Crooks – who took her in, and raised her as one of their own. Together, The Jungle Crooks explore the radical sounds of Soul-infused Surf Rock, with hard-hitting drums, soaking wet guitars and screaming organ sounds.

Delivering a high-energy, charismatic performance, The Jungle Crooks are quickly developing a reputation in Melbourne as the party band of choice for those looking to let their hair down. Known for their trademark band uniform of Hawaiian shirts, the ‘Crooks will have you breathing heavily and dripping sweat all over your dancing shoes.

The Jungle Crooks performed at the 2015 PAVE Festival:

Sunday 12th of April 2015 – 10:00am
Venue: Emerald Funfest – 3MDR Stage
Address: Kilvington Drive, Emerald

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