Ian Bland

Melbourne singer/ songwriter and poet Ian Bland has gained a loyal following over the past decade for ‘Bland on Bland’, a weekly segment on 3RRR’s ‘The JVG Radio Method’, penning and presenting a poem every Sunday afternoon.

He has spruiked his verse in concert halls, ballrooms, The National Gallery, coal vaults, festivals at home and the UK, pubs, cemeteries – even the steps of Parliament.

Musically, he has performed with fiddle/mandolin player Greg Hunt for more than twenty years as a duo and with The Lamington Drive Orchestra, blending a diverse range of musical influences with insightful stories drawn from rural and urban Australia and beyond; topics as diverse as drought and the demise of suburban pubs.

Bland has released three solo albums, ‘Drifter’, ‘Angel In Reverse’ and ‘Everything and Nothing’ in addition to a book of verse titled ‘Bland on Bland’.

“This is music that sits on your aural palette like a deep red wine, warming your soul and inspiring reflection in the listener”  Jarrod Watt – ABC Radio

“Bland’s gnarled, world weary voice is unaffected, emotive and genuine, a true voice of Australia. He’s Jack Thompson in ‘Sunday Too Far Away’ and Bill Hunter in ‘Newsfront’; he is also essential listening.” Trevor J. Leedon – Rhythms Magazine

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