Good Girl Song Project Cast

The Good Girl Song Project presents “Voyage”, a universal journey story cast anew with female leads, using Australian history and new Australian song writing.

In this must see work, six of Australia’s leading folk musicians, Penny Larkins (Vocals), Helen Begley (Guitar and Vocals), Penelope Swales (vocals and whistles) and Jamie Molloy (concertina and vocals), Sally Taylor (violin) and Carmen O’Brien (Violin) present a powerful account of a voyage that thousands of brave young women voluntarily took to Australia in the 1830’s.

The show takes place between the pier at Gravesend and Sydney. It takes audiences through the colonial migration process and the experience of life aboard an emigrant ship.

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Workshop: Penny Larkins and Helen Begley offer a stagecraft storytelling workshop for members of the community who wish to explore stories of migration. Through the workshop process, participants will be invited to perform with the Good Girl Song Project as part of Voyage.

Written by Helen Begley and based on the academic writings of Liz Rushen and others, “Voyage” speaks to the unknown history of Australian women. The script quotes directly from eyewitness accounts of the voyages and the songs capture the humour and poignancy of everyday life on board the ship.

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