Ben Andrews aka Tigs

Ben Andrews has been asked who he is and his answers can seem a little vague. 
Once it was just Tigs, though now a father, partner, writer, LEGO builder, sketcher, youth worker, conversationalist, universe exploring reader may come closer but it’s just a bit of a mouthful. 
He has drawn upon many creative wells over his life, the accolades always being the process of doing it. 

He is currently occupying the point of waiting for some form of clarity on it all. All he knows, is he’s growing from each experience and he loves it. 
Bit weird really.. 

Resurgence has been a transformative and evolutionary project to be apart of. So many different elements, people and timeframes have made this experimental experience what it is, and by no means is this anything less than a beautiful tester for what is to come. 
This has been a way to tie together the mediums each one of us holds as native. From this fusion, a bridge between water and the emotional bounds we as humans go through during the ebb and flow of life.