PAVE 2020 – Good outcomes require good people!
The PAVE Festival has started planning its 2020 event and will continue to excite, provoke, educate, entertain and inspire on the strength of its community support.  Did you know that it’s organised by volunteers who meet on their weekends and “spare” time to organise it?  Why you might ask do they do this?  It’s simple really – we love where we live and we value art, music and our community.  So we’re not going to sit around and wait for someone else to make life good for us.   We’re going to do something about it!    So let’s have a festival hey and let’s make it a good one!
We specifically need a few roles but really if you want to help in any way, we’d welcome you to join the festival committee and its pool of volunteers.  Are you interested in any of the following positions:
  • Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Secretary

Volunteers Needed for PAVE 2020

Get involved with other locals in the community to create another fantastic festival

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2019 Festival program

Download or pick up a copy from cafes, schools and participating venues.

2019 PAVE Festival – ‘Resonate’

The theme for 2019 PAVE festival is simply – Resonate.
It’s easy to feel despair at the constant tides of human greed, selfishness, dishonesty and exploitation reported daily. This year’s festival theme challenges us to be a positive force in the world and explore what it is to be human, with all its beauty and flaws. We can reflect this in the arts and also do this, within our own spheres of influence, small or large.

Waves in water and sound teach us that whenever there is an action, there is always a resulting ripple effect that spreads out. The same applies to what we do although we don’t often think of it that way. Let’s be conscious of others and show some discernment in what we amplify or what we reject.

Resonating humanity does not rely on grand gestures. It is the small things; decisions we make, actions we take each day that slowly catch on and change things. We can all transform our world and make it a better place for all humanity.

As you enjoy the festival, we encourage you to get to know people, look for opportunities to make someone’s life better, think deeply about the messages portrayed by artists and performers, see the beauty, listen to the resonance in the sound, hear the words and watch the actions.

Map of Events in Emerald